I currently live in a nursing home and have several medical issues. I would like to be in the community, because I have not been able to find a nursing home that meets my needs. Most of the staffs have been caring and try their best but administrative people are not able to recruit enough good staff and mostly operate short staffed, which stresses out staff which affects residents care.

So I want to take advantage of the Medicaid program which pays for most of care cost and services, including medical. I cannot thrive in a nursing home. I would thrive living in a the right senior community. Who would be able to help me transition to an apartment community that might assist a paraplegic by just being there?

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This is a forum where caregivers can post thoughts, ideas, hints and vent about their caregiving issues. We don’t have the capacity or tools to find individuals housing options.

Can you speak with the social services department at your NH and share your concerns with them? Social Workers often have housing options available to them and could share the information with you.
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