The communities I named, are apartments available now or in the near future?

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Tenisha, it can also help that some agencies will take you around, such as A Place For Mom. They are not paid by YOU, and be sure not to get ones that want you to pay. They are payed by the communities if an elder signs up due to their tour. I do not know where you are or what might be services for you, but I know of one town where my friend used a woman who guided these tours with you, your elder if she wishes to go, and herself as guide once you said the needs. The care can be costly and assisted living with room and meals and level one (minimal) care can run starting around 3,000 for same. Unless your elder has saved a pretty penny, or can sell a home that isn't always in touch for many. Dependent on what is needed also there are some sites such as that puts elders in touch with one another for roomie stuff. Perhaps one can cook and the other can drive. I wish you luck and hope you will keep us posted on what you are seeing out there, what the costs are, and the availability. The wonder of this site is all the great input we get from one another. My brother recently joined a community in Palm Springs and his care is 4,000 about per mo, two rooms, three meals, grocery bus or tour bus several times a week, transit to appointments, some fun stuff like games and pet visits and so on. Can have your own small pet. This care would double in cost were you to find in my own bay area, I think. So it is very variable esp. by city and state.
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Tenisha, your best bet is to contact each community and take a tour. That way you would get a first hand knowledge of what each community offers, and what does the rent include. And if there are waiting lists.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but the caregivers on this forum are from all over the world, thus narrowing it down to one city would be very difficult.

Another thing you can do, see the box to your right "Find Care & Housing" [don't know if that shows up on all devices], you can put in your zip code and see what is available in your area.
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