I mean an app where you can have information about how your elder is doing in the residence (meals, medication, how she/he is getting on...) and also you can contact the professionals there. The only ones I found are mere generic info tabloids, others are closed, only for use at specific residence. I'm looking for an app you can use by subscription, monthly or yearly, with different plans. Thank you very much.

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I expect most places keep digital record nowadays but I have only heard of a few that have a family/patient portal that allow access, it would certainly be my preference that it was more commonplace.
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It probably depends on the technology of the facility. I toured one facility that had a screen which the staff could touch to see when a resident had last been toileted or bathed, or when they were scheduled for a therapy- things like that. I didn't think to ask if the computerized information was available to the family but I imagine it would be possible to allow family to link in to their resident's account.

I toured six facilities, however, and only saw that technology at one.
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Check with the facility. See if they have something in place. There was a familiar question last week. To be honest, the staff does not have time to keep you informed. There r other residents. There will be a care meeting every 3 months. You can always ask these questions when u visit. If this is a new thing, visit as often as u can at different times. If you have POA you will be able to get more info if the resident can no longer think for themselves. If no POA, then you may not get more than that they are doing fine. Under HIPPA a resident has the right to their privacy.
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