I had that same question in the very beginning of caring for my parents. I had no idea of all that is involved in taking care of someone's finances and well being. I finally got in touch with a law firm that handles ONLY Elder Law. I wish I would have contacted them in the very beginning. There are so many specific laws regarding a seniors finances and what they can do with their money. My attorney also gave me a wealth of information on programs available for the elderly in my area. Elder Law is such a specialized law that you really need to be sure the attorney knows what he or she is talking about. Get references from friends or others if possible.

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Very good advice. We get many questions on the forum each day about this. Every state is different and each case is different. People need to work through their state and county agencies and ask questions. If they have a complicated situation, an elder law attorney or an estate attorney should be contacted. As you say, this is a very specialized field, and you want to be very sure the person advising you knows the state and federal laws.
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