We know she has it and we are caring for her appropriately. Going to the Dr. will just cause her stress she does not need and will make her worse. We know this as of 5 yrs ago, she went and they could not diagnose. Sent us home to think about it as they could not pidgeon hole Mum and if we wanted to take it further to go back.

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Oldenark, why are you now concerned about the law? Are you applying for Medicaid or some program that asks for a diagnosis?
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Dear Oldenark,

I hear your concern and reticence to see the doctor. I've certainly had enough bad experiences that it makes very reluctant as well. I'm not sure how old your mum is or what her specific conditions are. But it wouldn't hurt to see a doctor to get an opinion or to see a second and third doctor if you are concerned.

There is no specific law that says you have to see a doctor, but sometimes it might be worth it. My father never wanted to see a doctor. And when he did he had the misfortune of getting a very lazy and bad one. Then after all that he still made it to 80 but then his smoking and diet had caught up with him. I sometimes think maybe my dad could have lived to 100 if he had a good doctor.
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