As FT caregiver for my 90 yr old Dad I have never received a payment for my care services directly from him, though his account has paid for daily living items like food and gas for the car. (Which is food cooked for him as well, and gas used to go buy those groceries, etc!) I do, however, take a small monthly payment from his VA Aid and Assistance Benefits, the majority of the benefits go to an aid that we bring in. To apply for the benefits I had to fill out an Aid Affidavit, stating what would be paid to me. Will this count as a payment contract for Medicaid so it's not considered gifting??

I am a joint signee on his acct ...looks like I might need to add right to survivorship to it based on what I am reading... would doing so fall into the 5 yr pullback??

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If you have Aid and Attendance saying its OK for you to take payment, don't see where this is a gift. Be aware though that you cannot have both A and A and Medicaid. Since A&A is less than Medicaid it will probably stop.
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gaiagirlm Sep 5, 2018
Tanks Joanne!..I was thinking that might be how it is but wanted to check.
darn...was hoping someone knew the answer here!
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