My grandfather had checks written out on his bank account for earlier in the year dating back to 2014. NH asked for copies of some of the checks... is that normal?

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Thank God Moms bank account supplied a small copy of checks attached to the statement. We paid $2 a month for the service. So when Medicaid got Moms statements they saw the checks. If these checks are large amounts thats why they need to see what they were for. Hopefully the bank can supply copies. If not find his checkbook registers for that time and they may except that.
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The state could be looking to see if checks were for other assets such as investments or properties. Sometimes you just can't tell from the bank statements. I've done financial investigations for both state and federal agencies and sometimes you just have to see more information to follow up on other possible resources. I would say it's not unusual. The NH is just being thorough in preparing the Medicaid paperwork because they want the application to be approved so they can get paid.
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Is the Nursing home doing the application for Medicaid?
They need his financial records for the last 5 years.

If any money was gifted or transferred to others, he will be ineligible for Medicaid.
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