My dad is very angry and insist that his memory loss is a concussion and that I must get it fixed. It’s the first words out of his mouth every time I see him. I’ve limited my visits to 2 times a week, but he still keeps demanding that I take him to the ER to get it fixed. Last week I took him for his annual physical exam and he never mentioned it to the doctor. He waited until we were pulling into the driveway of his memory care facility and then started going off on me. Do I tell him that he has Alzheimer’s and not a concussion or continue to change the subject and then limit visit?

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He should have been told at time of diagnosis by the doctor. You could have written a note to the doctor telling him what Dad thinks and could he please explain that Dad has ALZ.

Is there a nurse at the AL. Ask her if she can explain to Dad that the records she received from his doctor that he is not suffering from a concussion but from the effects of ALZ. Ask if you both can come to her office where the door can be shut. That was no outside noise. Place Dad in front of Nurse and have her look into his eyes. You just sit off to the side. I suggest this because he may not believe you but will a professional.
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