In NV, qualified for Medicaid disabled low-income, have a listed parcel in CA. Sale money used to repair home. My husband is a quadriplegic and I am disabled. I have Medicaid, receive only $1200 income, SSD for husband. I have reported a listed parcel of property in CA. If it sells and we use the funds to repair our mobile home to comply with the park mobile home rules, do I loose my Medicaid Health Insurance?

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Medicaid rules and management is state specific. Really you need to speak with your caseworker in NV. To have qualified in NV and have owned property in another CA is pretty lucky. Most states would have you regarded an ineligible till it sold as it would have been viewed as an non-exempt assets and the proceeds from the sale used for spend-down before qualified for Medicaid.

I'm going to take a guess on this, but I'd bet that you will have to do the spend-down of whatever $ you make on the sale within 30 days. So that you start the month at whatever income is OK for Medicaid and spend all the $ before the end of the month. So you start the next mo within limits.

You can spend down on anything for your needs or your ownership. So fixing the home would be ok. If there is exce$$, you may want to look into getting a fully prepaid preened funeral & burial done that is NCV (no cash value so ok for Medicaid); or perhaps a prepaid preened cremation done also NCV.

Key seems to be doing all within 1 banking or income monthly cycle so no gain. Comprende? Good luck.
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