My widowed mother is 73 but was diagnosed with Parkinson's, anxiety and showed signs of dementia about 3 years ago. She lives in Colorado and we're in Oklahoma. She wanted to stay in her home until the day she died and we have tried to respect that as much as possible. We set up home care through a service that visits her 3 days a week to provide companionship and do some chores, grocery, laundry,etc. We visit her about every 8 weeks and phone her nearly everyday. Until recently things have been going well but I had noticed her saying and doing odd things: hearing voices, seeing people in her house. Well, in the last two weeks that situation has escalated to her calling me every few hours telling me people are in her house, etc. The people from the home service have tried to assure her this isn't happening, we've sent her to the doctor, there are not signs of UTI or low sodium (that can cause hallucinations) and we feel we have no choice but to move her here and may eventually have to move her to assisted living if she is bad enough. I have durable POA and I'm on her HIPPA but I do not have guardianship. Do I have to have medical POA or guardianship to move her out of her home to Tulsa and/or place her in to assisted living at least temporarily?

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Is your mom willing to make the move? If she is, you don't need guardianship. If she's not and she's digging in her heels you'll need guardianship. POA won't cut it.

And get your mom to sign an advanced directive (medical POA) as soon as you can. If she's going to be moving closer to you you may need this document someday.
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