Long story dad and his wife (my stepmother) were married for 36 years. 36 YEARS!! After he had his strokes, he became a different person to her. He wasn’t “the man she married”... Needless to say, they are divorced. She lives in another city. He lives with me and my family. I am his full time caretaker/daughter. She does not keep in contact with him. And vice versa.

So, should I let her and my step-sisters know when my dad passes?

let her know. It is polite and in my opinion, correct procedure.
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Lmrossignol - do you think they care to know whether he lives or dies? Will they be looking for any inheritance? I understand he's divorced but you never know.

If they care to know and won't give any problem after his death then I recommend you let them know.
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Lmrossignol13 Mar 4, 2019
Thank you for your response
And Definitely no inheritance.
Im sure they will care when he dies, but as of right NOW, while he’s alive, we don’t hear from them
Of course let her know. I let my awful father know when my mother died. It's polite.
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I agree that you should tell them, it's always better to take the high road.
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Step-sisters meaning ex is their Mom but Dad isn't their Dad. They have no relationship with Dad?

I would call the ex. If the SS's are her girls than let her pass the news on.
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Lmrossignol13 Mar 2, 2019
Correct. My dad is NOT their dad.
And no, they do not have any contact with him anymore. It’s really sad.

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