I was recently surprised to learn that two of the aides who come to the house to help me take care of my mom have not had flu shots. I had assumed (I know, don't assume) that the agency would have required flu shots to minimize the aides risk of getting the flu themselves and/or passing it on.

I'm going to ask the agency what their policy is but am wondering what is usual.

It's tricky. So, easy answer is yes it can be mandated and any policy should be reviewed for legalities. BUT...the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based upon religious beliefs therefore a person cannot be forced to get the vaccine if it violates those beliefs and they are granted an exemption. At that point, an employer needs to make reasonable accomodations such as masks or protection gear. The Justice Department has sued companies for violating religious exemptions.

As a client, you can request to only have caregivers with vacinations in your home.
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I know several places who require their employees to get a flu shot, which, I think is good. Spreading it to others is just unacceptable, imo. Unless, you have an allergy and ca't get the shot. Most people aren't allergic, but, come up with various excuses that isn't based on fact or science.

I've gotten one every year for most of my life adult and it's served me well. Last year, I got the flu anyway, but, it wasn't as severe, due to the vaccine I had received. Plus, it's not 100%, but, it's better than not trying. I suspect that some people don't really realize that a full case of the flu can actually kill a healthy, young person. We had one local girl, in her 20's, otherwise healthy, who was killed by the flu last season. Total shocker. Then not long after, it killed an avid local school board member who was in her 40's!

I'd be terrified to not get one and I'd be very upset if I found that my home health care aid hadn't gotten one too. I thought it was free at certain pharmacies, if you have health insurance.
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Not sure if they could legally make them get one. To make it mandatory the agency would have to pay for it, I would think. Personally, I have never gotten a shot. I had the flu at 21 and again at 68. My husband gets sick after having one. My daughter can't take them because eggs are used to produce the serum. Last year the strain they felt would be the problem, ended up that it was a completely different strain. So those getting flu shots were not covered anyway.
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