Do assisted living facilities accept Medicaid?

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I do not know if they do usually people on medicade are in nursing homes but they do provide home care for medicad pt. so it would be something you could check out I think it depends how much care the person needs and different areas provide different levels of care when you find out please let us know it might open doors for others.
Illinois has a great program that benefits older adults of all incomes, including those on Medicaid, who need some to maintain their independence but don't require skilled nursing care. Through the Supportive Living program, older adults are able to live in a highly residential environment and receive the personal assistance and help with medications they need. Last year, an estimated 6,000 individuals on Medicaid benefited from this program. There are nearly 120 communities located throughout the state.
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I know that some do. My mother is in an assisted living facility. She suffers from Alzheimer's. Has been there 5 years plus and they do accept Medicaid. This is the Waterman Village in Mt. Dora, FL.
Medicaid does not pay for the stay at the ALF, however if the facility qualify for the waiver then they'll get it.
If my mom has long term care insur. would that help with the pay to stay health care facilty.
My Mother is using her LTC insurance right now. They are paying for her stay but not for her phone or cable. She has it for 3 years. After that is up I'm not sure what we will do.
I am on Tricare for life. My disability is less than 100 %. My BOB is 4 October 1923. I have moved into my daughter home following my wife's death. 2010. I have assigned my daughter power of attorney over my finances and all other personal items. I no longer drive. I have a cook, house keeper and bottle washer.

I was informed by a company that I am entitled to benefits since the laws have changed since 1963. I believe the changes refer to those who have 100 % disabilities or possibly those who greater need than I. Thanks for any assistance.
I guess it varies by state. In NC they have a state funded Special Assistance Fund that pays for Assisted Living and Memory Care Assisted Living for those who qualify. They also offer services to those who wish to stay in their homes and get assistance there.

For some reason it changes when you go into skilled nursing care like a Nursing Home and regular Medicaid seems to take over then. I'm not sure of the details, but the Assisted Living facilities I have spoken with, are very familiar with it and usually can answer a lot of questions. However, if you think your loved one may not qualify due to having too much income or property, you might get confidential advice from an Elder Law attorney, before you start filling out applications.
Do assisted living residences accept medical if a residents funds deplete after having lived there?
Does Aldersley assisted living in san rafael,ca accept medi-cal if a resident's funds become depleted?

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