Need more info. What are you looking for, care in your home, Moms home? Medicaid homecare? How to hire homecare.

Your profile says Mom has ALZ/Dementia. Please realize that Mom is just going to decline as time goes on. There are behaviours that come with these deseases. Bouts of anger and violence. Anxiety and depression. The inability to reason, process and comprehend making it very hard to get them to understand dangers, They don't know when to eat and drink or if they did that they did. They become like children. My Mom was sweet but she had her hallucinations and paranoia.

What I am trying to say, its easier to place someone in an Assisted living in the early stages when they can get used to their surroundings than later when adjustment is really hard. I overheard two aides talking about a new male resident who kept trying to escape. He was agitated all the time. The aide said "they waited too long".
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