Do they have some propaganda letters or paperwork outlining anything special about our issues and possible needs?

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Last night while watching TV Blue Cross/Blue Shield advertised there a site for caregivers.
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Do you mean giving them special rates on individual policies, as oftentimes the 24/7 caregiver has had to give up a job (and health insurance) to do the caregiving?

My sense from reading this forum is that primary caregivers often neglect their own health. On one hand, the insurance claims may be fewer (and cheaper for the insurer) for a while, because of this neglect.

But then because of the stress and neglect, when the caregiver finally gets needed medical attention, it can be expensive. Caregiving Stress = Illness.

So if you meant caregivers getting special (reduced) health insurance rates, that wouldn't happen.
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I just looked in the Medicare book and there is nothing for Caregiver info.

Not saying they don't, but I don't think the Caregiver is something they would or should consider since they don't pay for caregiving services. They only worry about the bottom line. What they are responsible for in payments to subscribers and profit.

You may want to try your county Office of Aging. They may have some type of paperwork.

I don't think our country has caught up with the Care needs of its citizens. Our elderly are living past the age where they can care for themselves. When I graduated in 67 the life expectancy was early 70s. Our parents have surpassed that. My Mom went into an AL that was not filled up, she was given a discount to move in. Within a few months the place was to capacity. Most new residents were in their 80s. Yes, there are now independent living and AL facilities but they cost money. A lot of our parents didn't save for this because they didn't think they'd live as long as they have. So the caregiving is done by family with a lot of sacrificing. And, at this point, there isn't much out there for the caregiver.

If you have questions, ask them here. Most of us have done hands on. Some are dealing with the facilities LOs are in. We all have learned from each other. If you look around the site you will find articles about caregiving. You can also just vent, we listen. You will find you r not alone.
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Hi, Fixitgerrynow. You know, I am not sure. Is there something particular you are needing from your insurance about caregiving? Something that would be helpful that you wish was out there for caregivers? Perhaps you are thinking of something a caregiver could give primary care doctors and so on to help them understand our issues?

Give us a skosh more info, please!
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