Married 32 yrs. Veteran receivd VA benefits Agent Orange Diabetic. Spouse disabled unemployed.

Despite divorce, social security upon Veterans death will pay benefits to divorced spouses (stairs with great endurance lol)

Is there any relief of this sort with the VA? I know how thin everybody is stretched BUT if there is a hidden grant or bundle of money lying around that is for obscure causes maybe this will motivate you to find it.. are you still laughing?

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Yes, if you have been married over 10 yrs you r entitled to exs SS but can receive them before death if he is collecting and you r 62 at least. It maybe half of what he is getting after death his full amt, urs drops.

You could call your local VA office and ask if you r entitled to anthing but I doubt it. Divorced people usually get nothing.
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No, there aren’t really any VA benefits for divorced spouses. Benefits typically end when the marriage ends.
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