My parents have had a living trust (Calif) since 1988. My dad passed in 1998, and the trust was divided into an A-B-C trust in which my sister and I have been named as the successor trustees and the majority beneficiaries. As my sister and I have been having problems with my mom (91 y.o.)... and they seem to be getting worse. She is a narcissist and may be in the beginning stages of dementia. She is saying that she will be "making some changes". I'm not sure what she means. What I think I've been told is that the B and C trust (Marital and Decedent) once created are IRREVOCABLE and the Survivor is not irrevocable.

My sister and I are wondering if we can be disinherited?? Does anyone know??

Thanks in advance for any info that anyone can provide.

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