Am I understanding this correctly? My mom just returned home for another hospital stay. On her discharge papers UTI, Encephalopathy was the cause for her stay. I looked it up and the definition said: any degenerative disease of the brain, often associated with toxic conditions. See also BSE. So before I jump to a wrong conclusion I wanted to know if any of your parents were diagnosed with this and if so did the Dr. give any advice about where to go from here?

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My understanding is that your Mom has some level of Dementia, either mild or more progressed, and that the UTI likely caused a worsening or Toxic effect on the dementia, which may or may not be reversible with the treatment and time. I very much doubt that she was exposed to anything toxic in hospital, except germs, people are Always exposed to more germs in the hospital, which is why they don't like to keep people in there if at all possible! I hope your Mom is feeling better!
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Sounds like a pre existing condition possibly worsened by the infection of the UTI.
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Bookworm, your mom has already been diagnosed with dementia, right?

Dementia is one type of encephalopathy (broken brain).  
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