I have been looking for support to help care for my 90 yr. old mom, through this site I thought there was hope with the VA Aid & Attendence pension available to vets and spouses. As I stated in a previous comment I have been unemployed for the past year after being employed with the same co. for 20 years in construction, my mom has dementia stage 5 to 6, I had to move her in with me several months ago for fear she would hurt herself or worst. I contacted a company for help with the filling, Veterans Home Care who were very helpful, kind and understanding my situation. Unfortunately the max income for aid is about $1,146.00 per month, through VHC that would cover about 44 hours per month of care. Thats about 2 hours per day Monday through Friday. I can no longer stay home and must go back to work as my unemployment has run out. Medical has no aid for people who make over $800.00 per month, (really, how can anyone live on $800.00 per month) so the delema is how do I work with no care for my mom. Why work if I will be paying everything I make for home care for my mom. The system is broke for seniors that did not have the means to plan for living past their working days.Most people just did not make enough money to get insurance or put away money for their future care. She recieves $1,400.00 monthly from SS and a small pension however has aquired credit card debt that I am trying to pay off. With that debt there is not enough left to pay for care on a daily basis if I work which i must now try to find or we will loss my home which we now live in. Isn't there any support for people like my mom and me to allow care and the possibility of myself going back to work??

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SS is our society's safety net for retirement,, we pay in, get paid back in retirement. Many people these days do not have an additional pension. So as difficult as it seems to you, your mom is better off than many.
SS may not be there for the next generation, make working and retirement planning a priority for yourself. Work from home, there are some legitimate options. Use the day care option, at 90 a NH may be an eventuality.
Just an idea, any assets that can be liquidated to pay off the cc debt?
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I'm sorry you're going through this. Could you get her into a daycare program that could cover much of the time you'd be at work? And use the 2 hours of home care for the other time? Or could Medicaid take over and you could put her in a nursing home where she'd have round-the-clock care? Those are the only solutions that come to mind. I'm sure you'll get some other good ideas from caregivers with more experience with what you're going through.
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