I need some help trying to find a diplomatic way to further restrict my Dad's cash. I have had some limited success with giving him small bills (this helps with his sight limitations) equaling a smaller amount, but we are still running into challenges.

Thankfully, he has gotten away from his old mentality to keep $100 on him at all times, but I guess he still needs to feel a level of importance that comes with having some money in his wallet. I now dispense $25 about once a month in $5 bills. He uses this for the Sunday School collection plate and, as I've recently discovered, purchasing sodas at the Adult Day Center.

Sodas only cost 50 cents, but my Dad has somehow taken on the role of "Soda Buyer" for everyone. Today he was going on and on about how people are only his friend because he buys everyone sodas but they don't return the favor.

I've learned it's pointless to try to reason with him to just stop buying sodas. Trying to tell him not to even take his wallet (something I wish he would do anyway) would be a losing battle. What else can I do?

It doesn't make sense to me that an Adult Day Center with seniors and mentally challenged attendees would even SELL anything, but that's not my battle. Any suggestions?

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It's like being in Cheers where one of the guys buys a round for everyone in the place :)
You could tell Dad maybe one reason others don't return the favor is because they don't have on them any money, so this is a real treat when he does the buying. If he can budget this buying, might as well let him. It could make him feel like the big man on campus for the day.

I remember my Dad only carried $25 in bills in his wallet.... but my Dad was still able to use his credit card and he was very careful... doctor offices, and treating his Caregiver to Burger King after she drove him to his appointment... yep, big spender. The caregiver didn't mind because she knew my Dad really enjoyed having a hamburger and fries once in awhile.

Now if your Dad cannot really afford to keep buying sodas for everyone. Have him bring his own soda from home [if the center allows food to be brought in], and for him to tell others that he had forgotten his wallet.
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