What is best to give a diabetic who has trouble swallowing medications?

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My mother is a diabetic on dialysis and was just diagnosed with severe dementia after having a major stroke and now has some trouble swallowing her medications. What kinds of foods/snacks will help her?

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HomeCareNutrition carries a variety of nectar or honey thickness liquids and foods. My dad is a stroke victim and we use the nectar thickened liquids to help him take his pills and when he eats his meals. Hormel provides free shipping. Other people use apple sauce.
My wife takes 4 pills in the AM and 2 in the PM. 2 are in capsules. These I cut open. The other 4 - I use a pill grinder I got at Rite Aid.
I then put the pills in apple sauce (unsweetened). She looks forward to her apple sauce (with the pills mixed in).
More information is needed to respond....like is she living with you~is she in an AL place??? More Info. please.....
My wife lives with me. I have caregiver help for 35 hours during the week.
I do all the pill set up for her breakfast and her dinner period.
I would suggest the same methods given on this site to any one who has swallowing difficulties, if you do a search it has been covered numerous times. But realistically she is a diabetic, on dialysis, recovering from a severe stroke and unable to swallow... have you considered hospice??
Since dementia affects the mechanisms controlling muscles, those muscles are needed to swallow. Try thin liquids, but recognize there is no food or medication that will stop the ravages of dementia. Best wishes!
I had to get pills that I could crush for my mother and give them twice a day instead of once a day extended release pills. I make prune pudding and give her crushed pills in it 2x a day for her heart and BP and her happy pill.
You can use yogurt but I like my Mom to keep up with her bm's.
You cannot crush or open any capsules without asking the pharmacist because it can be VERY dangerous if they are "extended release" pills or meant to last the entire day.
One that I can open is an amoxicillin 250mg capsule for her, other than that nothing.
I use Thick-it from Walmart pharmacy (Order ahead) or order on amazon for my mom's drinks and I puree her foods. Always ask the pharmacist please.
Try putting the pills in mashed bananas. They are also an excellent source of potassium.
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Ask for a consult with a speach therapist. Paid for my medicare. I had one for my mom and she was extremely helpful and made some great suggestions. I had 3 different consults, depending on what condition mom was in, different suggestions were made each time. It was well worth the effort and I stopped second guessing myself. Good luck.
I put a small amount of applesauce on a spoon and add one pill at a time.

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