Are diabetic test strips usually covered by insurance?

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Do you have to purchase out of pocket from pharmacy?

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They are covered as long as the doctor writes a prescription for them. They are under Part B of Medicare. A few pharmacies only work with Part D and not Part B. If your pharmacy does not work with Part B, switch to one that does so the diabetic testing supplies will be covered. Most pharmacies will work with Part B, so it is rarely a problem.
Hi Jessie,

I am not aware such point. Can you please name a few pharmacies that work with Part B of Medicare. I need the solution for my grandmother.

Thank you in advance.
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Let me add that some health insurance companies have preferred diabetic supply companies. You can order online, by mail or phone and they ship to your door free of charge. They just need a prescription from your doctor. You get huge savings, IMO. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say the name of the company, but if you google, diabetic supplies in Twinsburg, OH you should find it. I've used them for years and it's much less expensive than buying them from a pharmacy.
My mother has used 4 different pharmacies since I've been here. Three of these will file Part B. One of them stopped for some reason, so we switched over to our current pharmacy in the Health Mart chain. They will file Part B for her diabetic testing supplies. QVC and Walgreen also did Part B. Just ask the pharmacy how they handle Part B for diabetic testing supplies, then select a pharmacy who handles it.
QVC?? I meant CVS.
Jessie beat me to it but follow her advice as well as Sunny for more savings. I agree ask the pharmacy and you could ask the doctor who they work with as well. One thing to consider is that if you can get part D for prescription coverage open enrollment is available now but ends on Dec 7th. Might be worth checking into. Either way, you should be able to get it. I did this for mom and she has a $0 copay now through Kroger....better than the $25 per 50 strips she was paying out of pocket.
My mother gets her diabetic supplies from a mail-order company and it seems like the company (which I will not name) is constantly phoning her to suggest she may need a knee brace or back brace or whatever that they would love to supply to her. It is extremely annoying. I would like to hear from others who do NOT have this problem with their mail-order supplier, as we might consider changing. Thanks.
Those diabetic strips have become increasingly expensive and in-demand. I live in New Orleans and there are personal signs placed in the neutral ground asking to purchase anyone's extra insulin strips. No syringes. I would speak to an insurance rep to determine the most cost effective brand and pharmacy. I've heard Walmart has a good price. (I can't remember what everyone else in the country calls the middle part of the street that is grass. We call it the neutral ground but I know we're the only ones that do that.) 😮
My dad has Medicare and Medicaid and uses the Embrace meter. His strips are not covered by insurance...I've been buying them off amazon for $25 for 50 strips.
He uses Embrace because it's a talking meter (he's legally blind) ugh

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