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I think it is time when you the caretakers are at the end of your rope as it gets harder and harder to care for them and keep them safe. Especially when you are raising a family and children are affected by what is going on. My mother in law has been living with us and is now in a rehab after being in the hospital for a heart problem. She will be returning to live with us; but this brief respite is giving us all a break as it is extremely stressful. We have a teen-age daughter and her life has been greatly affected by living with a grandmother with severe dementia. We will continue to care for her in our home as long as it makes sense to do so. But if she starts getting agitated and much worse then it may be time for a facility. Our daughter's well being is important as well.
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For me it is because it is harder to take care of mama at home. Lots of anger and she don't recognize some of us and gets mad at some of us and says nasty things to my twin girls age 7. Maybe for ohetrs, it is because they are doing things in the house that are real dangerus or escape more. Or if they just decline real fast.
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