A few weeks ago, my grandfather fell at home and broke his hip. He had surgery, then was taken to a rehab facility in TX for 2 weeks. He just arrived home yesterday, and I was shocked to find out that he wasn't approved for a medical bed because he was able to "walk." Which is ridiculous, because I hardly think that taking 10 steps with a walker AND a person to help him use it by carrying half of his body weight, one to two times a day at the most- should be considered as Walking! We are really struggling financially right now, and in no way can afford a bed or even payments to rent one. He has a bed which isnt even close to being sufficient for his needs right now, but its upstairs, and too big for the living room. He is confined to the living room downstairs because we dont have a stair lift. Im bed ridden myself right now due to a high risk pregnancy, so I cant lift him at all. The fact that this man is Veteran that has proudly served our country in both the Navy, and the Air Force, but still can't even get a bed after a traumatic fall and life changing ordeal infuriates me! There has to be somewhere to obtain help. We live in the DFW area. Does anyone know of a place that might be able to help us? Any suggestions or info would be so super appreciated! Thank you so much for your time! :)

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Dwp, was the advice that he doesn't qualify from Medicare or the VA? Is he registered with the VA to get medical care? If it wasn't through VA care, and he's already registered, call the Social Worker for his care team first thing on Monday and raise the issue with her/him.

If you need guidance on getting him registered with the VA, post back again.

JoAnn's advice is also good. Perhaps his primary can help if the VA can't. Or contact his ortho doctor.

You might also try 211, the United Way helpline.

Personally, I'm surprised he was released from rehab after only two weeks. Was home care nursing and therapy ordered? It should have been if the rehab staff was on the ball.

And thank your grandfather for his service. I assume he served in WW II? My father served also, in the Army Air Corps/AF.
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In Nj there is a club called Ruritan. They are found in rural areas. I know our local one has durable equipment loan closets.
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Call his primary and tell him what is going on. He can write up an order for a bed. He may be able to call Homecare and have them evaluate him.
In my area we have Rotary, Lions and Red cross. Call them and see if they have loan closets. If not, as if they know of one.
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Did you call the VA? I would also contact his primary doctor and explain that he needs some in home therapy.

I was told, see, he can get from the bed to the wheelchair, he's good to go home! H**L NO, I transferred him to a different facility and they kept him for another 23 days with therapies 4x dly, 6x wily.

You can use the phone and computer, start making calls and some noise, you are right, he deserves better than this.

Tell him I say Thank You Sir for your service, I live in a free country because of men like him.

I pray you find aid quickly.
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