My grandmother is in desperate need of dental work. She needs several teeth extracted. Its causing her a lot of discomfort, but her medicare insurance doesn't cover dental. She is trying to save up money to get them pulled, but its taking awhile due to her limited income.

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AARP has a plan with Delta/Dentegra. Services covered generally increase on an annual basis. I had the policy for awhile and did have one extraction (bad encounter with an aggressive tree) and my recollection is that part of the cost was paid but that I also had to pay $150 myself.

AARP plans did have a few levels of coverage. I dropped mine after doing a cost/benefit analysis and determining it wasn't worth the cost.

My father does have it though; his dental needs are different. His cost is about $173/quarter.

Before I purchased that coverage, I also compared other plans and found the AARP plan provided the most coverage for the cost.

Blue Cross has some plans, but I wasn't that impressed with them at the time.

Another option is community colleges or colleges with dental programs.

If you have a senior center in your area, contact them and ask (a) if they know of any plans (b) if they're having a senior expo this year. These centers can be very resourceful, as can the Area Agency on Aging.

One of the community colleges always has a booth at a local senior health expo with information on its clinic's discount services. I don't know if extractions would be covered though.
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