How do you get your loved ones with dementia to brush their teeth? Or convince them you can floss and brush for them?

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Yes, there are little sponges on a stick that have toothpaste in then. Maybe easier than using a brush.
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I did my Husbands teeth with an electric tooth brush and did it while he was sitting in the shower wheelchair. When he became uncooperative with that I just resorted to using the mouth swabs that Hospice provided. They worked fairly well and they were enough to clean the gums, remove food from the cheeks and along the gum line where it pocketed. At that point I was not worried about removing a ll debris. He had become non compliant at the dentist about 2 years prior so I was just hoping to prevent any infection as well as maintaining the teeth he had.
As with lots of things ya gotta pick your battles.
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Forget the floss and brush your loved ones teeth yourself. Be firm but gentle. A water pick is great. it really cleans the teeth. After I floss I used the water pick and see some food particles. My teeth feel spic and span.
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