mom had four strokes the last one really did her in, she has dementia. The past year i have been denied any contact with mom by younger sibling who lived with mom. I called elder abuse because i did not know if mom was alive or dead and brother was harassing me with tests of a hundred or more a day. they were also threatening ones too, because he said i was not helping with her care. I had POA of her bills and banking he had POA of her medical needs. I tried to do everything i could about protecting her money so it would be there for her care. Brother is very good at spending her money but every thing i did i was always shut down like my POA meant nothing and i was not being told much about mom at all. She is now assigned a state guardian and is in a nursing home I still am only told what they would say to the man on the street, she is well and happy. I wish there was a way i could be told more as i live in another state far from mom. I have been through hell with the stress and resentment and now on medical care of my own. I refuse to let the siblings make me feel guilty for living away.

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Making her a ward of the state was a smart move, especially since you are so far away. Get to know her Guardian's name and phone number and stay in regular contact.
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