Refuses to believe there is anything wrong, Believes her problems are all external, due to others. Trouble remembering where she put things she is working on ten minutes ago, last night. Wants to know where I put them!

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Minimize the rationale and suggest she make an appointment to reassure her own doubts. She already suspects it and cannot blame others indefinitely. Get her some coconut oil and other supplements known to promote memory.
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kalder, maybe she's afraid to hear the truth. Maybe it's easier to keep blaming someone else, when she really knows in her heart it's her. If it were me, I'd ask mom or whomever you're talking about, "mom have you noticed that you're getting frustrated more and more about losing things? Have you noticed that things just are NOT as good as they used to be in that regard? Do you think we ought to go see your doctor and find out if there's something he can do to help get you back in tip top condition?" I wouldn't get too specific right now about it being all her fault and you think she has dementia, what's the point of that except to scare her to death. No, your objective should be to get her in to see the doctor in order to get her evaluated for dementia. Now is prime time to get her in while it's just rearing it's ugly head, early enough to start Aricept or Namenda to stave it off as long as possible. If I were you, I'd avoid TOTALLY the words dementia or Alzheimer's, and just keep it vague at this point. But really, she has got to be seen by a Dr. Good luck.
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