My sister has been living (alone) in a deluded state since last September.

However, she’s not been taking her mood stabilizers, or her Namenda & Aricept or her anti depressant.

She yells at me and says she has a new Dr, and is taking professional medication.

This is a bunch of hooey, but I cannot argue with her ridiculous fixed beliefs.

She is beyond nasty now, Just filed a self neglect report and hoping APS will see she is gravely ill, and do something to get her stabilized.

I’ve helped in all the ways I can but now she looks at me as the enemy.

Really wondering if anyone has dealt with long standing delusions and can give me a little insight of what I can expect for her?

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I haven't encountered anything like that. It must be so difficult. If things aren't taken care of by APS, you might consult with an attorney. In some jurisdictions, family members can file for incompetency, but, request that a third party or the county be appointed as the Guardian. It's really time consuming and can also take an emotional toll, since, there are constant issues of resistance.
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Getkicksonrte66 Jun 13, 2019
Thanks, I’ll check into that.
Thanks, I filed a Self Neglect with APS yesterday. Fingers crossed they do something to help. Sister clearly needs to be in a secured facility but I was going the state route, which is a slow process. Now rethinking maybe I should have just done conservatorship?
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No, they probably will always have them. Its the brain dying.
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I am so sorry that you’re having to deal with this. Having a mentally ill relative who aims her hatred at you, personally, must be heart breaking.

My mother had dementia and was consumed by delusions. They could make her anxious and afraid and that was so hard for me to deal with. She was in a facility so she had her meds given to her, but your sister is not taking her meds and has no chance of getting any better.

If there is a meltdown on her part, call 911 immediately and make sure the ER staff knows she is a danger to herself. That’s about the only thing you can do.
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