Read on the page. I was thinking back how long he may really have had mild Dementia. Anyway it they most likely will die from strokes or heart attacks. My husband had a heart attack about 6 years ago and he has 3 stents, a pacemaker and a quad bypass. What hope do I have that he will be here for much longer ? I feel like I am tied to a spider web strand and any little wind will detach me from reality. Help...remember he is only67.

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Oh, I forgot to mention the very important step of familiarizing yourself with your tights as a spouse. If there comes a time when he needs to be in a nursing home, financial planning RIGHT NOW is paramount. Establish a working relationship with an Elder Lae Attorney? He may be your new best friend.
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That five-year estimate may be statistically correct and of SOME value as you plan your future, but it's nothing to bank on.

If I were you, I would live my life as though he was going to live 20 years. And by "live my life," I mean do what I needed to do to assure that, if and when I could no longer care for him? MY assets would be protected.

I would begin trying to structure my life so that I could live without whatever income will be lost when he passes...changing our living arrangements, maybe selling our second car...simplifying our lives, etc. and the extra money I began saving BY simplifying? I would spent on making my life as his caregiver easier.

Maybe that would mean a cleaning lady once a month...twice a week respite care for four hours so I could have some R&R apart from my hubby...senior daycare three days a week...whatever.

I hope some of this speaks to you. I am very sorry you and hubby are in this situation. It's heartbreaking.
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