My sister noted that her cami was a little damp but that some items, such as sheets may just have felt colder. When she was told the clothes were dry, Mother said they were not. In a phone conversation, she also told me that she had an iron and ironing board; she would then iron the clothes. It seems as if, in her mind, she is going back to a former time. I would like to try to curtail this activity as my dad is also in the room and it keeps everything in a mess. She is so certain the clothes are damp. I need help on refocusing her. She does not have a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, we think is is not Alzheimer's.

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My grandmother always sent clothes back to the dryer when I dried them. Let your mother see you dry her things two through cycles and get rid of the chair and the heater unless she has to have the chair. Have her check each item to make certain they are dry. You might even make her the dry clothes checker for everyone so she feels in control. Tell her the clothes have to cool first so she won't burn herself. I hope you can find a solution.
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Get rid of the heater before she burns the house down. Keep a journal of any changes or unusual behaviors, and share them with her MD. Yes, in the early stages of dementia or alzheimer's there are time lapses, and memory lapses. He may recommend ways to keep the house a lot safer, including no access to irons, heaters and hot ovens or surface burners. Neuropathy in her hands may mislead her and burns will result.
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