She worked till the age of 83 and had to stop because of illness. Lived for her work her whole life. Now has got dementia and have lost all interest in life. Living by me and gets up 11 o'clock, eat and just sits till 1 and sleeps again till i get home at 5. Depression medication made no difference. Help

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Apparently she has been seen by a doctor, since you mention depression medication. Since her work was here life, she likely misses the social aspects of work. Have your thought about adult day care or even assisted living?

You could begin with adult day care and see if the increased socialization perks her up. If, after an adjustment time, that does the trick, adc may be your answer.

Otherwise, it seems like she may benefit from having others around in an assisted living environment. The way she is, she's likely to just waste away (which you realize or you wouldn't have asked). I hope you can find a social outlet for her. Expect her to resist at first, since that's a normal reaction to anything new. But you could very likely find that before long she could hardly wait for her time at adc. If she wants to "work," they'll let her work and help her feel useful. She likely misses that.
Good luck,
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