I see lots of answers to those struggling, from those who have also struggled with similar issues, about placing their parent/parents in an appropriate facility for their condition.

My question is - how is this handled during this time of COVID-19, with so many people in the facilities dying?

My mom's Dementia worsens by the day. I spoke with a hospice nurse and even though I have to help her with everything (24/7), she didn't think she needs it yet. I have no relatives in my state to help me.

I am definitely not taking care of myself and I am suffering from depression. I would be ashamed to say the every day things that I should be doing for myself and am not.

We do not have any "extra" money to hire help, even if they would come with the virus, I would be concerned for both of us as we have underlying conditions.

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Yes facilities are experiencing outbreaks, but that is not the norm. The elderly are at more risk because of age and other health issues.

Start calling around to facilities. The situation varies based on facility policy. People are still entering facility. Only the facility has the knowledge to tell you what the policy is.
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