Do we confront him about this again the next day and remind him he is putting many lives in jeopardy and breaking the law?

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If your dad has dementia does he have an appreciation for the fact that he doesn't have a license and that he could have hurt people, including himself?

I was never a proponent of taking someone's keys away. I think it's controlling, disrespectful and cruel to the person but in this case it might be your best option. If the keys are around the house your dad can obviously get to them and take off on his own in the car putting the keys away where he can't find them might be the only deterrent for your dad. I don't think taking and hiding keys is ever a good first reaction to the driving issue but since your dad has demonstrated that he will leave if given the chance, it might be time to hide the keys.

You must have been so upset! Did you know where he was? I don't mean to make light of the situation but he could have gone to a thousand places and, bless his heart, he went to church. I kinda like it. ;-)
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Hello hrscience,

The article I am posting below has a section within about how to deal with this very issue. I hope you find it helpful.

Also, here is a previous thread where other caregivers also discuss driving and Alzheimer's.

We wish you the best, Team
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