How long does the patient remain on a plateau?

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We are asked to not list many links from outside sources, but here are a few on this website. (I think it's important to know what is causing the dementia, such as Vascular, Alzheimers, Lewy Body, etc. so you can get the most use of the stage chart. )
Types of Dementia:

Stages of Dementia:

The Alzheimers website is a good place to start as well.
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Sunnygirl1, Great answer. Thank you. Can you give me specific web sites that you have visitedss?
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Are you asking about how long a person with dementia may remain in one phase? I think that it varies from person to person. Their stages differ and vary. They may have a certain number of symptoms from one phase, but an equal number from another. And, they may maintain at the same level for periods of time. I think that with certain types of dementia, like Vascular, the decline is in a stepped down manner. I've heard that with Alzheimers, it's more often gradual decline.

My cousin has had sudden stepped down decline and also gradual. I haven't really seen any plateau period with her, though others may have different experiences. From everything that I have read, the progression of dementia is continuous and they list what the mind and body do as they happens. There should be lists, charts, etc. on line that show this. You can also speak to your loved ones doctor about it, if you think you see a plateau.
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