With my dad in the hospital with pneumonia he is acting very different, I believe he is having delusions and I know it could be caused from a lot of different things like medications, and his overall health right now. The Dr. mentioned something about this might be his new baseline. What does this mean?

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Baseline is a general range of what's normal for a person in the current timeframe--The comment u quoted from the doc suggests he is preparing u for the possibility that ur dad might not get back 2 the way he had been. I hope he will. Bactrim antibiotics can cause severe reactions and narcotic pain med's can cause psychosis (unusual behaviors, hallucinations, delusions, behavioral changes). Of course u r right that his overall health/current illness and stress of inpatient care can all be factors. Another common prob f
4 Sr's. Is the UTI, urinary tract infection. Med for lung may or may not address UTI. B there when doc comes around...tell him u r not sure meaning of baseline and ask him to explain. Also good time to ask if med's could be cause of change and if best option for him? Doc's know it's overwhelming and want u 2 understand ur luved one's status & care. Good luck-hope dad gets better soon.
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