7 years ago my husband lost 60 pounds, and kept 55 of them off for good. These days, in early dementia, he forgets that he has already eaten. He can't do some of the things that used to occupy him, because they have gotten too complicated. So he also eats out of boredom.

I'm lazy, or I would prepare 6 meals a day consisting of lean protein and vegetables. So he eats peanut butter by the spoonful, snacks on crackers and cheese, and has two small dishes of ice cream because he forgot the first one. Any advice?

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Jinx, I think it is good that your dh has something he enjoys doing, but I understand the problem with weight gain. Nothing worse than weight to cause mobility problems. I imagine that he has a taste for sweet and fatty foods, but I wondered if there were other lower-calorie choices that he might like. Maybe he would like something that would occupy him for a while, like jerky or a lollipop. You know your husband, so know what he might find good.

I know how difficult it is to adjust what they eat. My mother munches all day. I try to buy her more healthy things, but she has some favorites. If I don't buy them, she will get verbally very nasty. So what do we do? I wish the healthy alternatives tasted as good as cookies and ice cream. It would make life easier.
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