My uncle died in August 2017 of a massive heart attack. My Aunt, his wife, who is 87 yrs old has dementia. We did not know this at the time but it has progressed very quickly since his death. She has fallen five times since then. Been in the hospital for UTI's and gone to rehab. She now lives in an assisted living facility. Over the last 5 to 6 months she has declined and is not eating and sleeping most of the day now. Refuses to go to meals and wants to be alone all the time. I am trying to understand this disease. Can someone tell me what to expect. Life expectancy? I'm really worried about her. I've lost my uncle and then my mother in a period of 6 months. The stress is hard. Any information would be helpful.

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Paul, she could be showing more signs of dementia due to the loss of her husband, OR the UTI, OR all of the changes in living arrangements. How kind you are to be helping. You can learn quite a bit about this disease from the Alzheimer's website, (alzdotorg.) This site covers all types of dementia issues.
Routine is recommended for dementia patients, and with all that has happened, your Aunt has had very little routine. Are you the responsible party for your Aunt? If so, ask the medical director at her facility for a list of meds. See if they are being given properly. As hard as they try, facilities are always short staffed and things don't always happen on schedule. So sorry for your multiple losses.
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