Mom has both and Parkinson's too. Trying to manage all of it. Siblings are no help at all and in fact, at the moment they are making life a living h*ll. I'm trying really hard not to let mom know how bad it is. How do people here manage multiple serious conditions?

My father in his late 70's had Alzheimer's and lung cancer. We chose not to treat the lung cancer so as not to prolong his misery. In the end he died from a fall hitting his head.
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I have been through the 'lone person' who gives care for cancer treatment. Family seemed to care but never lifted a finger. I found that neighbors and friends actually provided the best help.
I received the excuse that it was too 'much' for them to try and deal with.

I think sometimes family isn't the best for help.
As DeeAnna said, any further details?
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Dear LoveMyMom777,
Sorry that no one has answered your questions yet.  You are the second person that I have found that posted 3-4 days ago and has not received any answers.  I do not know where your question was hiding--maybe it was listed only on the NEW FORMAT so that it did not show up on the OLD FORMAT. 

How are you managing your Mom's care?  Does your Mom live in her own house or with you?  Are you the only one taking care of her?  How are your siblings "making life a living h*ll"?  We need more information about how you are taking care of your Mom for us to give appropriate suggestions or answers.
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