Dads delusions are too scary to him to go along with....I have resorted to telling him it must just be a dream. He does get mad and says he cant believe that I dont believe him! Running out of answers here for the several times a day he calls to "discuss" the people breaking in.
Mom just tells him "i don't want to hear this again" and he seems to leave her alone about it.
btw- we are waiting for the meds to kick in

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It's difficult, but you mustn't argue with them. It is too stressful for their already confused mind. This is a new reality you must adapt to. You can do it. Use your imagination. You know what is real, simply show concern for your Father and comfort him. Let him know he is safe and loved. Right now, it is very simple. It will get more complicated. Take one day at a time. Mom needs to learn to accept it, too. Please do not make him feel bad, do not get impatient with him. Shift your thinking and read articles how to cope with this disease. Educate yourself and be compassionate. All the best to your family, Dear One. Hugs, Christina
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