My Medicare Part B is scheduled to start July 1. Would it be possible to delay the start date and start between October and December of this year?

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I registered for Medicare PArt B during the open enrollment period earlier this year. My Medicare Part B is scheduled to start July 1. So, in effect, I'm not yet in B. Would it be possible to delay the start date of my Medicare Part B a few months until between Oct. and Dec. of this year?

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I hope you get some responses about whether there are any penalties or long term added costs, but, I know someone who delayed theirs and it ended up costing them a lot of money, because they really needed the coverage due to some unexpected medical charges. They weren't covered and ended up paying for them out of pocket. 
Why do you want to delay it?
thanks for your input... actually, I'm covered with an international personal plan (not a group plan) out of the US.... and I will not be getting to the states until later on this year.
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Each month you delay paying for part B you will see your premiums go up for the rest of your life once you do start.

You have 3 months (including the month of your birthday) from you 65th birthday to start ...that means paying ....
If they have signed you up to start July 1st it is best to just pay the premium and be enrolled those extra months. The International plan won't count as coverage as far as they are concerned and it could result in you loosing out on coverage until next year. Sorry it isn't better news.

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