After being a nurshing home who just barely takes the time to assist Mom in brushing her teeth, she has develop some problems with her top teeth. The Dentist said,:I could put filling in them but at her age and her mind set, Let's just pull them all and get her a denture, she want take care of them anyway." I was shocked to say the least, she has beautiful teeth that need cleaning and some fillings..I am not going back to him anyway, he got up and walk out after telling me to make up my mind and let him know. Should I take her to another dentist and see what they say, should I agree to just having them pulled, or should I insist on the Nurshing home to make sure she brushes her teeth every morning and night? really would like some advice on this...thanks

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I'd stay away from the dentures for many reasons! As the dementia progresses, many patients remove the dentures and leave them wherever. I was on a constant hunt for my Mom's! AND, the patient themselves often refuse oral care! My Mom refused to remove her dentures for almost all of the aides! I made an effort with each visit to get them out and cleaned. If you are a frequent visitor, you may have to step in yourself! The nursing homes/Assisted living places aren't staffed to accommodate all the needs of dementia folks. They will generally ask (once!) about doing the oral care then give up.

Find a new dentist, get the teeth cleaned and repaired. If they are removed and then the dentures are lost/removed, your Mom will struggle with eating and that causes yet another set of challenges.
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