Need help finding best incontinence supplies for a man. What brands hold the most and provide protection all around as the bed frequently gets wet because he is a side sleeper.
Along with this problem, blood sugars are all over the place which adds to the incontinence issues.

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Not really relevant since it's a man we are talking about, but have people caring for an incontinent woman ever tried using purewicks at home. Those things are magic.
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We used the Tenya brand of underwear and peapod mats (3'x5') on the bed and other sizes where necessary. Expensive investment but worth it in the long run.
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hopkinsmicki Jun 23, 2019
My husband had advanced Parkinson’s for years with incontinence. I found that Depends overnight were the best but I added an additional liner that can be bought online. These are called “boosters” and do not have the plastic on one side. There is also an apparatus that long-haul truck drivers have used which he can wear at night and the urine is collected in a side bag. I also had a bunch of protection mattress pads that he always slept on so at least I didn’t have to change the entire bed if there was a leak. Hope this helps.
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