Has anyone went through dealing with end stage parkinsons disease?

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Trying to figure out if Mom actions are from uti infection and def yeast inf. or is she worse lasest and newest things that are happening is sleeping more confused more talking to ppl that have passed away she developed a cough month ago everytime she drinks and now thru night at times I can hear her coughing also staring and use to be able to finish her sentences now she knows what she is saying but at times CANNOT GET IT OUT SHE is already with hospice but Me Dont think nurse is all that great coughing dont understand nurse says lungs are clear but I no what I hear and see.can anyone help me put with this than k you love you all sandy22

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swallowing becomes a problem. When she drinks, make sure she is sitting completely up. also use a straw. If she is sleeping on her back, that would also cause her to cough at night. prop her up or turn her on her side.

With my husband, I have found just the slightest dehydration can cause confusion and hallucinations. make sure she is getting enough fluids.

My husband is also sleeping alot more, up to 18 hours a day. He also has difficulty getting out full sentences, only getting a word or two out at a time. Again, that is the parkinson's. I do find it is more of a problem later in the day. He is better able to speak in the morning, before he takes the PD meds. I was told the meds cause dyskinesias of the vocal cords...(wavering movements). It is a terrible thing this disease. huggzzz
Infection can cause confusion - especially in the elderly. Seems like the symptoms you posted all have to do with confusion, as opposed to movement (besides not being able to get out her thoughts)....I'd say it can't hurt to culture her urine and do a CBC w/ diff. to look for infection....perhaps it may be time to go to a Dr., and see what he says, since it doesn't seem the nurse is giving you any answers. Good luck.
My mom has end stage Parkinson's. Coughing and swallowing are part of it.Eventually they lose being able to talk. Mom is going thru that now with the choking on food and she isn't hardly talking anymore. Also hallucinations are there also. It's a terrible disease. She needs caregivers 24/7 now. I cry alot..
If anyone wants ill give u my email and we can chat. Esp with Parkinson's!!!
My father had PD and lived out his life in a nursing home. Once when he was hospitalized due to the flu the Drs. convinced my mother to put a feeding tube in his stomach. I yelled and screamed so much at the Dr. for having my mother sign the papers that they didn't do it. The nursing home had asked for it that way they could care for him even less than they already did. They had to continue to have someone feed him 3x a day for another year until he started to aspirate his food due to not being able to swallow because of PD. Then I allowed the feeding tube to be put in. By that point he did stop talking for the most part and either slept all of the time or stared off into space. My children and I visited him 4 days before he passed away and during our visit he did wake up and looked around at my boys playing in the room and then went back to sleep. They told my mom as she was walking past the nurses station that he had passed away and that the Dr. was trying to reach her. They said that he dies of a heart attack in bed.
Just another thought: My elderly Aunt, in a rehabilitation home as a result of broken hip and small stroke, was unable to communicate with us. She developed a cough (as well as low grade fever). I questioned the nurses about this persistent cough and whether she may have pneumonia. They repeatedly told me her lungs sounded just fine, and my fears were unfounded. A week later, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital.....pneumonia. The pneumonia was not discovered until they did a lung CT scan. Simply listening to the lungs for fluid, or whatever it is they do, was not sufficient to discover that she had pneumonia. She died, and I think it was partially as a result of incompetent medical supervision at the rehab place. Even after it was brought to their attention by ME regarding the concern for possible pneumonia!!
My mom is getting where she doesn't talk much, is this part of the Parkinsons?
Hi, Sandy 22. How r u today? It is, nice knowing someone else who has a parent with Parkinson's. Im dorry for your loss braida it does sound like someone wasnt doing their job..

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