Anyone else have any wisdom to share? My mom has been an alcoholic for decades but high functioning until recently. She had gall bladder surgery last fall which meant that she detoxed in post-op rehab. For several months she was in & out of rehab because she was so weak - and didn’t drink at all.

She went from saying she could moderate her drinking to saying she would quit for good (after a long talk about signs of alcohol-related dementia). So she’s been sober for about 3 months.

Last week I got a call from her daily home help that they found a bottle of vodka in the trash. Then her neighbors called to say that she’d fallen while walking after dark - no injury, but I’m guessing she was drunk.

Now she won’t pick up the phone. I really don’t want to fly in again to rescue her if this about drinking (she has often lied about it). But I feel conflicted if she is putting herself in danger. What more should I do?

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If you flew out, what could you do, nothing probably. At 80 I doubt she is going to be able to change.

Have you talked to her daily help? What does she say? Maybe a call to APS in her area asking for a well check. That will help you determine to fly out or not.
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