I am 53 years old. I am taking care of my 82 year old mom. We live together and I am finding it difficult to have a life yet want to do everything to help mom.

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Need more info: what are your mom's financial means? What are yours? Do you have any local relatives that can help? What is your mom's mental and physical condition (see questions from others below).
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What do you do for mom? What does she really NEED for you to do? Why?
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You can do a lot for mom and yourself by placing her in care. There are activities to keep her engaged that you may not be aware of.
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You don’t say what Mom’s issues are. Does she have dementia? How extensive is your caring for her? Is she mobile, able to mostly function on her own and fairly independent? Or, are you responsible for over 50% of her care? Is she controlling and narcissistic?

Burnout can be deadly. Unless you find help, such as counseling for yourself, arranging for in-home care to give you a break, respite care where Mom goes to a facility for a short time, or even placement in a facility if things are declining so fast they’re out of control, things won’t change.

If you could share share more details of your particular situation, perhaps we can give more pertinent advice.
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