My MIL is 85 years old. I have be married for 30 years , my mother in law is very suspicious . Now I am staying away from home due to work. She constantly abuses my husband that he is having an affair with the maid and that he is giving all the money he earns to her. She goes on to say my husband is stealing her money and investments. She has 4 daughters and never does she go and stay with anyone . She has always been suspicious right from the day I got married 30 years ago.she used to be suspicious of me that I am taking away vessels to my parental actual fact she has the habit of picking others things from various common places, umbrellas, shoes etc.
We are unable to understand how to deal with this. I know that my husband is really suffering because of these abuses. We have done everything possible in life to ensure that she has a comfortable old age, but in return she has made our life miserable.
Can some one advice what we can do.

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Have you had her evaluated for dementia or alzheimer's? She sounds like she has a rather paranoid personality which is having some breaks with reality.

Yes, both your husband and you are suffering from her emotional abuse and it sounds like she has had an abusive relationship with you for some time now.

Does she live in your home or in hers? Is there some way that she could live somewhere else? Can she afford to pay for some outside caregivers to take some of the burden off of ya'll?

Your profile nor description mention any major health problems? What health problems does she have?

Good luck and please keep in touch!
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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