I need you guys advice, my story is almost like Christina73, but that is not the only issue. My mother has a little money! and I mean a little money maybe enough for two years and a house that I can't sale because of the neighborhood. We had our mom in the memory care NH and they (two sisters). We all had issues with the place, and since I have Legal Guardianship we decided I would take care of her, so I quit my job, got a lower level apartment and I'm now living off of her income. The state told what I can and can't spend with her money, but I'm the 24/7 care because of her dementia now there's a problem with me using the money for me and mom. I don't drink, smoke, or have habits. We just peddle around this apartment, and every now and then we go to eat out of the apartment, or the flower garden, lake, park and that's it. Now because I won't give them some of her money, I'm wasting it and then they quit helping and are mad. Now they don't call to see how she's doing, they don't even know she's on hospice, but I have to report all of the spending to the state. Phillipian 4:6 Be Anxious for nothing! What should I do? I'm tired and I do need some help.

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