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Have you done any reading about anticipatory grief? My mom and I were pretty good friends so when her health suddenly changed and I was faced with the prospect of placing her in a nursing home I has a total meltdown. After many tears I decided I would do what it took to keep her home with me. It's been hard to have her slip away, most days I can't even remember what she used to be like and I am just numb.

Some of us die suddenly, some like Freqflyer's parents have a relatively brief decline and then slip away, and some are like my mother and just dwell interminably in the twilight zone with neither bodily nor mental health. It's been years now and she shows no sign of leaving us, at this point death would be a blessing.
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daughter333 this has to be the most difficult challenge You will encounter in Your Life. To witness Your Dear Mom fading and drifting away from You, farther each day. All You can do is to be there with Your Mom to Care and comfort Her. To assist Your Mom. If She's not responsive to You, hold Your Mom's hand and thank Her for all She did for You. Tell Her that You Love Her and that You will never forget Her. Sing Your Mom's favourite songs, recite poetry. If Your Mom is dying remember to soak a swab of cotton wool in a glass of drinking water and keep Her lips moist. Pray with Your Mom, and be strong for Your Mom. Remember Your Mom is preparing to begin Her next journey, to Heaven.
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Are you referring to memory issues? If yes, it can be difficult to see an once bright happy person change personality due to memory issues and not be able to communicate correctly.

I found with my Mom, I was able to grieve during her very short time with late stage dementia, and it was a relief once she passed. It was also very difficult for her to be in such a confused state.

With my Dad, the dementia came on slow, and when I finally learned how to respond to him that would make it a win-win situation, he passed away. That was really tough as he had kept his crazy sense of humor right up to almost the last day.
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