He had a stroke.

Also moving him will not be done at the expense of Medicaid or Medicare. You will have to arrange transport and care during the transfer.
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Medicaid is thought of as a federal program, but each state sets its own guidelines. Before you transfer him, his POA or guardian will need to reapply for his coverage. And, make sure he has the approval of anyone who might be responsible for his care that he can be relocated. It might be easier just to take your daughter, if she is young, to visit him. If she's older, she can go on her own.

You can transfer him, but make absolutely sure his Medicaid is approved in your state.
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I am assuming your are not married to this man. Is he on Medicaid in another state, if so, he cannot be moved. Medicaid does not go over state lines. How far away is he? How old is your daughter? Why would you want to take on that responsibility? We really need more info.
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